[MathSoc Council] SLEF proposal deadline

Andre Gomes Magalhaes agmagalh at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Feb 16 13:41:44 EST 2012

Hi Council,
This email is to inform you about the existence of the Student Life
Endowment Fund (SLEF). Since the Spring of 1992, undergraduate students
have contributed to the Endowment Fund which was initiated as part of the
"Coordinated Plan to Improve the Quality of Student Life at UW." Today, the
fund stands in excess of $1 million. The interest on the fund is used each
year to fund various projects on campus. The priorities for this
disbursement are as follows:

   - The improvement of accessibility on campus
   - The improvement of safety on campus
   - The improvement of existing lounge and study space
   - The renovations of student services

Funding proposals for SLEF are due soon (29th of  February). Please be sure
to get informed about them and learn more about their funding process at

Andre Gomes Magalhaes
Bachelor of Computer Science Candidate,
University of Waterloo
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