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Hello Council,

Attached is the meeting notice for the Faculty Council meeting after
reading week.

For certainty, this is *not* a MathSoc Council meeting and you are
*not* required to attend. The President and the VPA are members of the
Faculty Council on behalf of undergraduate math students.

There are three changes being looked at the graduate level, for those
interested. First is the new Masters of Health Informatics
specialization in Public Health and Health Systems. Currently, the
Masters of Health Informatics is offered by the School of Computer
Science; this program will be offered by the School of Public Health
and Health Systems in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences to
complement the existing one. The full 56-page brief, if you are
interested, is in the attached agenda.

There is also a proposal I can't quite make out regarding Graduate
Certificates, and one to set a normal limit of 3 years of accepting no
students at which point a program automatically becomes considered for
inactivation (removal).

Pages 63-74 have a number of undergraduate calendar changes. I think
I've already mentioned most of them in the context of UAC (the
Undergraduate Affairs Committee), but here's a brief summary:
 - A rule preventing taking a CS minor alongside a plan that requires
five or more CS courses (in particular, Geomatics)
 - A rule allowing a FARM student meeting all requirements except the
required special major average to graduate with a Mathematics/Business
degree even if they don't strictly meet the requirements for that
 - Adding MATBUS courses to the calculation of the FARM special major average.
 - The changes to the 3rd- and 4th-year Pure Math algebra offerings.

The last item is a series of proposed changes to the Faculty
Constitution; mostly to give the professors of the St. Jerome's Math
Department voting seats on the Faculty Council just as faculty
professors have. There's also a relaxation of the amendment
requirement so as not to require two-thirds of all members (not
two-thirds of the members who vote) to amend the Constitution.

If you have any questions or comments, or issues you feel should be
raised at the Faculty Council, don't hesitate to ask myself or the


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Dear Members of the Mathematics Faculty Council,

There will be a regularly-scheduled meeting of the Faculty of Mathematics
Council on:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
MC 5158

The agenda is attached to this email as a PDF file. Please note that
beginning in September 2009, the Administrative Committee has elected to
provide the agenda in electronic form *only*.

Faculty Council plays a crucial role in the governance of our Faculty.
Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and full-time
Lecturers in the Faculty are full voting members of the Council, as are
Visitors with an appointment of one year or longer. Other Visitors,
Part-time Lecturers, and Adjunct Professors are non-voting members of the
Council. We ask all members to take the time to attend the Faculty Council

There is one additional Faculty Council meetings scheduled for the
2011/2012 Academic year as follows; please mark the dates on your calendar:
Tuesday April 17, 2012 - 3:30 PM

For your interest/information, all Faculty Council documents (including this
agenda) are also available at the Mathematics sharepoint site:
If you wish to access any of the documents on this sharepoint site, you will
need to authenticate as follows:
username: ads\<uwuserid>
password: <your uwdir password>

A reminder will be sent one day in advance of the meeting.

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