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Elana Hashman ehashman at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Feb 27 16:59:01 EST 2012

Hello all,

As you may or may not be aware, there are significant upcoming changes to
the pure math algebra curriculum, coming into effect Sep. 1, 2013. That
means these changes will NOT be effective until the 2013/2014 academic

As the undergraduate CS UAC rep and a pure math major, feel free to ask me
any questions. I'll anticipate some of them in a FAQ. At the end of this
email, I have attached the email that was distributed today to all students
enrolled in a pure math plan. I have also attached the agenda of the
meeting for reference for course changes.


*Q: I just want to know courses will be offered in what term in the future.*
*A:* Look here:

*Q: What is a summary of the changes?**
A:* The third year groups and rings courses, as well as the fourth year
Galois theory and modules courses are being discontinued. They are being
replaced with two new third and fourth year courses: PMATH 347, 348, 445,
and 446. Some Galois theory is being moved into third year, and the fourth
year courses will cover new topics: "Representations of Finite Groups" and
"Introduction to Commutative Algebra". The new PMATH 347 (Groups and Rings)
will serve as a prerequisite for most material and for plans that require
group theory. See the attached agenda for course summaries.

*Q: I have taken some of/all of/none of the old courses. What should I do?**
A:* See the below email for the pure math department's recommendations. For
current second/third year students: if you need the third year algebra core
and are able to take both PMATH 345 and 346 before Winter '13, after which
they will no longer be offered, this is what you should do. In particular,
you should try to take 346 as soon as possible if you already have 345.

*Q: My plan requires baby rings/groups. Will those be affected?**
A:* PMATH 334 ("baby rings") does not appear to be offered beyond Spring
'13, according to the email below. PMATH 336 ("baby groups") will continue
to be offered.

*Q: The major versions of rings/groups used to be directly substitutable
for the baby/rings groups courses. Does that still work?**
A:* No, not quite. The requirements for plans in this situation are being
changed to reflect the updated curriculum. Most likely, you will see PMATH
347 as a new, alternative requirement.

*Q: I want to know all the exact pure math calendar changes, for courses
and the pure math plan.**
A:* See the attached agenda, pages 3-7. I believe there might have been a
typo somewhere, so if you have any questions, reply to this email and I
will provide clarification. I couldn't find the official minutes for the
meeting, so this will have to do.

Elana Hashman
Computer Science Representative, Winter 2012
MathSoc Council

Forwarded email:
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> You are receiving this email because you are taking a PMATH major, joint
or minor degree, or a Mathematical Finance degree.
> There are a number of changes that are being made to Pure Math Course
offerings that you should be aware of.  A Summary of course offerings can
be found at:
> ----------------------
> PMATH 450 will have an additional offering Spring 2013. It is unclear if
there will be an ongoing Spring offering, and this decision will be made
based on the Spring 2013 enrolment.
> -------------------------
> The Spring offering of PMATH 334 will be cancelled starting Spring 2013.
> ---------------------
> As of Spring 2013, PMATH 345 (Polynomials, Rings and Finite Fields), and
PMATH 346 (Group Theory) will no longer be offered.  They are being
replaced with PMATH 347 (Groups and Rings, Fall, Spring) and PMATH 348
(Fields and Galois Theory, Winter).  It is advisable that students either
take both PMATH 345 and PMATH 346 before Spring 2013, or wait to take both
PMATH 347 and 348 Spring 2013 or later.  Please note, PMATH 347 a prereq
for PMATH 348, so if you are taking the new courses, you will no longer be
able to take the
> third year algebra courses in either order.  To aid in this transition an
additional offering of PMATH 346 will be given in Fall 2012.
> The following outlines the third year algebra requirements for students
during this transition year:
> 345 & not 346 -> NOT RECOMMENDED
>               -> take 347 & 348 to complete 3rd year algebra requirements
> 346 & not 345 -> take 348 to complete 3rd year algebra requirements
> 345 & 346 -> completes 3rd year algebra requirements
>           -> May NOT take PMATH 347
>           -> May take PMATH 348 for interest
> 347 & 348 -> completes 3rd year algebra requirements
> There are a number of changes also being made at the 4th year for Algebra
courses.  These are:
> PMATH 442 (Fields and Galois Theory) is being discontinued, with a final
offering in Fall 2013.
> PMATH 444 (Rings Modules and Representations) is being discontinued.
> PMATH 445/745 (Representations of Finite Groups) is being created, and
will be offered once a year, in Fall, with a first offering in Fall
> 2012.
> PMATH 446/646 (Introduction to Commutative Algebra) is being created, and
will be offered once a year, in Winter, with a first offering of
> Winter 2014
> Kevin Hare
> Department of Pure Mathematics,
> University of Waterloo
> Waterloo Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1
> (519) 888 4567 x 35556
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