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On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 9:39 PM, Matthew Kit Wing Cheung <
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> Hello Council,
> Attached is the MathSoc Budget for the Fall 2013 term that we will be
> going over during tomorrow's budget meeting.
> Total Revenue is $66,000
> Total Expenses is $83,000
> Net Loss is $17,000
> Please note that $5,000 of the loss is an amortization expense so our net
> cash loss is $13,000.
> Thanks,
>  Matthew

Thanks Matthew!


- Now that Feds is doing our accounting, are we able to get more accurate
actuals numbers for things like office supplies, to give more accurate
- There are generally a bunch of blank lines. The pedant in me wants them
gone, but I'm not sure if I should listen to him.
- I'm sure we're going to see some expenses from EFC this term. Even if we
can't approve them, they should be included in the estimates for budgeting
- Similarly, there is no estimate for other non-budgeted expenses.
- On the CSC budget, stickers and brochures don't seem like social expenses.
- The DDC's budget should include a revenue item for the sale of the
hoodies. They also don't seem like social expenses, but they should be
exempt from reimbursement since the club expects to recover the cost.
- The "MathSoc event that PMC organizes" should be removed from the SASMS
and Over 9000! lines. This is no longer true, in the unlikely event that
this designation was every anything other than a way for the club to get
around the budget cap.

I probably have more comments, I just haven't thought of them yet ;)

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