[MathSoc Council] Motions to be added to next council meeting

Febrian Sidharta febrian914 at gmail.com
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President is CRO until a CRO is elected, but there is no obligation to run
Why starting at first day of class? So that we can have newly elected
councillors within the first 2-3 weeks, so they can join the second (if not
the first) council meeting, instead of later in the term.

As Stephane mentioned, Schulze STV is complicated. Right now we only have
one (or two) people who can scrutinize it. It is a problem for succession
and transparency.

BC STV is proposed because i consider it to be the most fair system that is
not too complicated to be understood by most people. I am open for feedback
if there is another system that can be more fair yet easy to scrutinize and
be understood.

Febrian Sidharta
On 2013-10-10 4:21 PM, "Elizabeth McFaul" <elizabethmcfaul2 at gmail.com>

> We have been running under the assumption that the President is CRO until
> one is elected, and have been running elections for empty seats at the
> start of the term.
> What's your reasoning behind simplifying to BC STV? I was under the
> impression that we haven't had any issues running Schulze STV.
> Elizabeth
> On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 4:04 PM, Febrian Sidharta <fsidhart at uwaterloo.ca>wrote:
>> To Speaker,
>> I intend to propose two motions to change Elections Procedure policy in
>> the next Mathsoc Council meeting (exact wording will follow)
>> 1. in the terms when by-election is needed, to require President to run
>> the by-election with nomination period start at the first day of school
>> 2. to change election vote process from Schulze STV to BC STV
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