[MathSoc Council] Council Meeting October 16th

Josh speaker at mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca
Sun Oct 13 17:48:10 EDT 2013

Greetings Council,

There will be a council meeting on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 in M3 4001
starting at 6:15 PM. Jeff Henry, the manager of student development in the
Student Success Office, will be attending the meeting sometime between 6:45
and 7:00 to give an update and would like to hear from our councilors
regarding matters pertaining to uWaterloo's student leadership strategies.
Hopefully we can get most of the meeting done before he arrives in the
interest of not having the meeting run too late since apparently sleep is a
valuable commodity.

For all the first-year representatives, congratulations on winning the
election and hopefully you have not been scared away by the budget meeting
if you attended it. If you are lost as to how council works, such as the
language employed and procedure, I will be doing a Q&A session which should
hopefully get you oriented in the room starting at 6. Other council members
are welcome to attend if they would like a refresher or mock me in the
event I make a mistake (No, don't actually, but please correct me).

I would like to apologize if people expected a TL;DR because I tend to make
the meeting notice contain a lot of flair. I have been hit by a writer's
block and I didn't want to confuse our new councilors with strange
language. (Stranger than usual, I mean).

Joshua Tsai
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