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Josh speaker at mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca
Sat Oct 26 13:04:40 EDT 2013


>From the poll sent, it seems that people are most free on Tuesday (then
Wednesday), and in light of some people's complaints and the fact that we
don't have very many things to talk about, I shall call the next council
meeting on Tuesday, October 29th at 7:00PM in absentia (due to me being in
class). I shall delegate Jazbel, who said she would be free at the meeting
time, to either be Speaker for the meeting or to find someone to be present
at the meeting to be Speaker (This doesn't have to be someone on council
necessarily; it would just mean that they can't break ties). The room
booking request has been sent but I have yet to hear back from it, so what
room is TBD.

The current things on the agenda so far are:

   1. 2 people for the English Language Competency Committee
   2. CSC Bowling Funding Update

If I missed anything (my inbox has been mayhem for the last while) or there
is something to be added to the agenda, please email it to council and I
will put it together for the substitute speaker.

Furthermore, if this time doesn't work well, we will move back to

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