[MathSoc Council] Note about today's council meeting

Febrian Sidharta fsidhart at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Oct 29 22:53:03 EDT 2013

To fellow council members,

I found your action to adjourn in the middle of a motion to be
disrespectful to the proposer and fellow members who wanted to have
discussion about the motion.
The motion had been proposed and discussed in last council meeting, and
thus there is no reason for lack of understanding about the methods that
was proposed and that was proposed to be replaced.
The adjournment made discussion and questions about this topic couldn't
have been asked, and thus will not help to increase council members'
understanding about the topic.
This tabling will also mean that should the method be adopted, it will
happen in the middle of election period (nomination period starts next
Monday) and has potential to create confusion.
Due to these reasons, I found that the adjournment was also irresponsible.


*Febrian Sidharta*
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