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Ty Rozak vpo at mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Feb 4 08:37:02 EST 2014

Hello Council,
Attached are two policy changes I am going to bring to tomorrow's meeting. They concern:Policy 3 - Lounge and Hallway BookingsPolicy 4 - Equipment Bookings
This is a first of a series of changes I am planning to make to bring our policies up to date on how MathSoc actually operates and to try and be a bit more clear with what it is we do.
The major changes are summarized below.
Policy 3 - Lounge and Hallway Bookings1) Added in limits for external organizations (3 bookings for the Comfy and CnD combined per term and 5 for the     hallway per term)Rationale: MathSoc is here to serve Math students, not Feds clubs or other organizations. Limiting the number of times that non MathSoc clubs can book MathSoc space will result in better choices for MathSoc clubs, directors and affiliates. 2) Added in a late policy for spaceRationale: When people don't show up for their bookings (especially hallways) it creates unnecesary work for the VPO and there should be some sort of consequence for not using the system properly.  This basically is in line with our other consequence that is already in place for cleaning and damage of equipment.
Policy 4 - Equipment Bookings1) Changed groups who can book equipment. Rationale: This is largely just a consistency change. We are making the same rules apply to both space and equipment.2) Added in a booking limit like the Space limit above. 5 equipment bookings (shared between equipment, i.e. 3 projector bookings + 2 cotton candy = 5 total uses and no more for the term)Rationale: Same as above, more choice.
If you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to email me back.
Thank you,

Ty RozakVice President, Operations - Winter 2014Mathematics Society, University of Waterloo
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